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import perceptron
import ridge_regression
import numpy as np
import socket
import sys
def __main__(argv):
""" Matchmaker's main method. Connect to server and guess dates. """
# Collect positional parameters.
if len(argv) is not 4:
print "Usage: {0} HOST PORT DIMENSIONS".format(argv[0])
return -1
hostname = argv[1]
port = int(argv[2])
dims = int(argv[3])
# Connect. Let exceptions happen so that we can see trace.
s = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
s.connect((hostname, port))
# Read examples from the server.
str_examples = s.recv(20480)
print str_examples
examples_lines = str_examples.split('\n')[1:-2]
examples = [perceptron.Serialization.scored_date_from_string(l)
for l in examples_lines]
# Create matchmaker and introduce to the dater.
print "Introducing dater to matchmaker with {0} initial candidates."\
# M = perceptron.Matchmaker()
M = ridge_regression.Matchmaker()
# Create dates until limit reached or perfect match found.
while True:
d = M.find_date()
str_d = perceptron.Serialization.date_to_string(d)
s.send(str_d + '\n')
str_rated = s.recv(4096)
print str_rated
if str_rated.lower().find("bye") >= 0:
print "Server sent \"Bye\" message."
str_rated_lines = str_rated.split('\n')
d_rate, s_rate = perceptron.Serialization.scored_date_from_string(
d_check = np.asarray(d, dtype=float) == d_rate
if not d_check.all():
print "WARN : Got a different date from server."
print d_check
print d
print d_rate
M.rate_example(d_rate, s_rate)
return 0
if __name__ == "__main__":