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Android application with the snappy title 'Live Weather Compare Europe'
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Android mobile application - Europe Live Weather Compare. Full Java source code and most of the code for the webserver stuff that provides the data feed.

Originally developed for a Design/HCI module as part of a CS course at UCL, London, from Dec to Jan 2012-13.


Copyright (c) 2012-2013 Ben Lee-Rodgers,

All rights as per MIT licence (do what you want but keep the above copyright notice).

Ideas for future implementations

Top priority

  • Use the latest Android API to bring it up-to-date now that so few phones use the old (pre-14) APIs
  • Switch to Google Maps API v2.0 now that v1 is deprecated (essential as they no longer issue keys for v1)
  • Support for other languages (only English at present)
  • Support for large screen sizes and high resolutions (currently looks excessivley stretched)

Mid priority

  • Add feels-like and wind direction variables
  • Add views for min/max data from yesterday, maybe swipe up/down to swap between these and the 'Latest' view
  • Allow multiple city collections, so users can switch between different 9-city views (Europe, UK for example)

Low priority

  • Draggable tiles to allow custom arrangement
  • Improved graphics and animation
  • List-based selection of cities


  • List of available cities read from server rather than locally (SQLite DB).
  • Expand to other continents, and/or globally.
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