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Automatic Tiling for EWMH Complaint Window Managers
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Automatic Tiling for EWMH Complaint Window Managers.

zentile screencast


  • Workspace based tiling. You can enable tiling in one workspace and leave others untouched.
  • Comes with two simple tiling layouts (Vertical & Horizontal)
  • Customizable gap between tiling windows.
  • Autodetection of panels and docks.


Binary Release

Download appropriate executable from releases page

$ chmod a+x zentile-linux-amd64
$ ./zentile-linux-amd64

Go get

$ go get
$ "$GOPATH/bin/zentile"


Keybinding Description
Ctrl+Shift+t Tile current workspace
Ctrl+Shift+u Untile current workspace
Ctrl+Shift+s Cycle through layouts
Ctrl+Shift+n Goto next window
Ctrl+Shift+p Goto previous window
Ctrl+] Increase size of master windows
Ctrl+[ Decrease size of master windows
Ctrl+Shift+i Increment number of master windows
Ctrl+Shift+d Decrement number of master windows

Note: Zentile has been tested on Openbox. It should work with any ewmh complaint window manager.

Known Bugs

Zentile doesn't work well when iconify animation is enabled in Openbox.


Inspired by BurntSushi's pytyle.
Theme used in the screencast above, comes from addy-dclxvi's openbox theme collection.


zentile is licensed under the MIT License. See the full license text in LICENSE.

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