Sbt plugin to search maven artifacts.
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Build Status

Plugin to search maven artifacts. It uses for querying.


Add to plugins.sbt:

addSbtPlugin("com.blstream" % "sbt-search-maven-plugin" % "0.1.2")


Plugin adds searchMaven task, to find some 'artifact' just type

searchMaven <artifact>

Directory structure

  • src/sbt-test plugin tests using scripted
  • test-project allows quick tests in repl of this plugin functionality (just reload)

Future work

  • Filter by scala version
    • let searching by keywords, but also by tags (i.e. scalaVersion), but not by both of them in one query
  • Add one of found dependencies to build.sbt
  • Search in other sources than, i.e. (where typesafe repositories are)
    • Bintray allows searching only logged in users (and without limits only to users that paid for that account)
  • Add tests
  • Add continues deployment
  • Add plugin to maven central


You can pick feature from future work section of this readme, issue with feature proposal (if any) or fix some bug. Pull requests are very welcome.

Thanks to all contributors of:


see LICENSE file