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A dead simple Scala DB schema migratory library.
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Nomad -- A database schema migration library for Scala.

Dealing with database migrations in Scala stinks. The tools available are either strangely Java, external applications or entirely tied to a single application oweing to the fomulation of your tables in SQL combinators.

Yuck: too foreign, no help when testing or too magical.

Nomad is a dead simple wrapper around Flyway. You can do these things:

  • Prepare a database for schema migrations,
  • migrate tables/indexes/constraints etc and
  • delete everything.

It's all plain SQL and a little bit of configuration--absolutely dull in the best possible way.


Kindly include this in your project definition:

resolvers += " repository" at ""
libraryDependencies += "us.troutwine" %% "Nomad" % '0.1.0"


Have a look at the source and resources included in src/test/. You must have a file named nomad.conf somewhere on the resource path at runtime. There must also be SQL files in resources/db/migrations named V{version_num}__{name}.sql where "{version_num}" and "{name}" are free-form strings.

A complete example of Nomad's use is contained in src/test/scala/NomadSpec.scala, reproduced below:

package us.troutwine.nomad.spec
import us.troutwine.nomad.db.schema

import org.scalatest.Spec

class NomadSpec extends Spec {
  describe("Schema") {
    it("should initialize, migrate and clean with no error") {

That's it!


This project has been an outgrowth of my work with the kind folks at FluentStream Technologies.

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