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- Get SBT 0.7.5.RC0
- sbt update package
- cp target/scala_2.8.1/akka-mist-sample.jar to deploy/ of your Akka RC3 dist
- cp src/main/resources/* config/ of your Akka RC3 dist
- cd your RC3 dist folder
- export AKKA_HOME=`pwd`
- java -jar akka-1.0.RC3.jar
- open browser to http://localhost:9998/foo & should see "it works" & log should show something like:

[main] [INFO] [2011-01-21 19:31:34,106] a.k.Kernel$$anon$1: Akka HTTP service started
[main] [INFO] [2011-01-21 19:31:34,107] a.k.Kernel$$anon$1: Loading boot class [sample.Boot]
[main] [INFO] [2011-01-21 19:31:34,133] a.d.LazyExecutorServiceWrapper: Lazily initializing ExecutorService for 
[main] [INFO] [2011-01-21 19:31:34,135] a.k.Kernel$: Akka started successfully
[pool-1-thread-14] [INFO] [2011-01-21 19:31:37,224] a.h.AkkaMistServlet: Initializing Akka HTTP on jetty/7.1.6.v20100715 with Servlet API 2.5
[pool-1-thread-14] [INFO] [2011-01-21 19:31:37,225] a.h.AkkaMistServlet: Supporting Jetty asynchronous continuations.

Getting RC3 dist: easiest to just download and from jboner/akka on github
Unzip then (overwrite 'N' when asked)

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