Another small project to demonstrate an issue with Middleman's blog extension.
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I'm using the Middleman Blog guide for reference material.

$ gem install middleman

  Welcome to Middleman 2.0

  In addition to many new features, some backwards-incompatible
  changes have been made to the structure of Middleman sites.

  Before running you old, v1.x project on Middleman 2.0,
  review the Migration guide:

Successfully installed middleman-2.0.14
1 gem installed

$ gem install middleman-blog
Successfully installed middleman-blog-0.1.3
1 gem installed

$ middleman init blogtagblues --template=blog                                  
5: Use RbConfig instead of obsolete and deprecated Config.
      create  blogtagblues/
      create  blogtagblues/config.rb
      create  blogtagblues/source
      create  blogtagblues/source/2011/01/01/new-article.html.markdown
      create  blogtagblues/source/_article_template.erb
      create  blogtagblues/source/archives/index.html.erb
      create  blogtagblues/source/feed.xml.builder
      create  blogtagblues/source/index.html.erb
      create  blogtagblues/source/layout.erb
      create  blogtagblues/source/stylesheets
      create  blogtagblues/source/javascripts
      create  blogtagblues/source/images

You may find blogtagblues here. I edit source/2011/01/01/new-article.html.markdown to look like so:

title: "New Article title"
date: 01/01/2011
tags: blogging

Content of my article

and find that, after I've started up middleman server for this project I'm greeted with the exception:

NameError at /
undefined local variable or method `blog_taglink' for #<#<Class:0x9c948bc>:0xaef6a64>
file: feature.rb location: block (3 levels) in registered line: 96