Cron for Erlang clusters
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leader_cron provides a distributed task scheduler for executing task periodically in an Erlang cluster

Participating members of the cluster elect a leader node. The leader node schedules and executes given tasks as per their schedules. Should the leader node become unavailable a new leader is elected who resumes task execution responsibilities.

Tasks are defined by specifying a function in a particular module with given arguments to run according to a schedule. The schedule types are:

  • sleeper - sleep a specified number of milliseconds between task executions
  • one shot - execute task once at a given date and time or after a number of milliseconds
  • cron - define a schedule very similar to Unix cron


Startup leader_cron on each participating node (do this on all nodes):

leader_cron:start_link(['node1@', 'node2@']).

Schedule tasks from any node. Here a cron style schedule is defined.

leader_cron:schedule_task({cron, {[{list, [5]}], all, all, all, all}},
                          {io, format, [user, "It is 5 past the hour", []]}).

That's it. In this example the task prints, "It is 5 past the hour" on the leader node at 5 minutes past every hour.

See the leader_cron_task module for full scheduling details (or make doc).