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Puppet tools for ssh
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Puppet tools for ssh

The module defines several resources for SSH. Notably:

  • ssh::resource::sshd -- Ensure sshd runs (or does not) on the specified node.
  • ssh::resource::key -- Create or destroy an ssh key for a given user.
  • ssh::resource::known_hosts -- Create or destroy a user's known_hosts listing.

Each resource is thoroughly documented. Please refer to them for full details.


From the root of your puppet repository add this module as a submodule:

$ git submodule add git:// modules/ssh

Quick Start

To enable sshd:

class { 'ssh::resource::sshd':
  ensure => present,

To build the 'foo' user's id_rsa key:

ssh::resource::key { 'id_rsa':
  ensure => present,
  user => 'foo',

and set the known_hosts for user 'foo':

ssh::resource::known_hosts { 'foo':
  hosts => ',',
  user => 'foo',
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