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Puppet control module for Traut

This module provides a resource that will manage the traut system daemon and events. See linked repository for full details of traut's functioning.


Move into the root of your puppet configuration and:

$ git submodule add git://github.com/blt/puppet-module-supervisor.git modules/supervisor
$ git submodule add git://github.com/blt/puppet-traut.git modules/traut

If you're on a Debian system, optionally add:

$ git submodule add git://github.com/blt/puppet-apt.git modules/apt

This last module will be used to set symlinks of convenience using Debian's alternatives system.

Quick Use

In a node definition (possibly your base):

$traut_vhost = '/traut'
$traut_user  = 'traut'
$traut_pass  = 'averystrongpassword'
$traut_key   = '/etc/rabbitmq/ssl/client/key.pem'
$traut_chain = '/etc/rabbitmq/ssl/client/cert.pem'

class { 'traut':
  ensure => present,
  vhost => $traut_vhost,
  host => 'mq0',
  username => $traut_user,
  password => $traut_pass,
  exchange => 'traut',
  private_key => $traut_key,
  cert_chain => $traut_chain,
  require => File[$traut_key, $traut_chain],
  subscribe => File[$traut_key, $traut_chain],
include traut::hare


  • install and configure the traut daemon, connecting with username, password and SSL client certificates to an AMQP daemon
  • install the optional hare and
  • coordinate the start of the daemon with supervisord.

If you don't possess a CA setup to issue and certify keys for RabbitMQ and clients, try my poor man's CA.