A question about rebar include paths for co-app demonstration project.
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This is a demonstration project for the rebar mailing list. It is a multi-application project with two apps--client and daemon--and a third no-code application which exists solely for header files, here simply including the say_hi macro.

On compilation I see the following:

> make
./rebar clean
==> appstart (clean)
==> client (clean)
==> daemon (clean)
==> library (clean)
==> rebar_ct_path (clean)
./rebar get-deps compile
==> appstart (get-deps)
==> client (get-deps)
==> daemon (get-deps)
==> library (get-deps)
==> rebar_ct_path (get-deps)
==> appstart (compile)
Compiled src/appstarter.erl
Compiled src/appstart.erl
==> client (compile)
Compiled src/client_app.erl
==> daemon (compile)
/private/tmp/rebar_ct_path/apps/daemon/src/daemon_app.erl:4: can't find include file "library/include/library.hrl"
/private/tmp/rebar_ct_path/apps/daemon/src/daemon_app.erl:12: undefined macro 'say_hi/0'
/private/tmp/rebar_ct_path/apps/daemon/src/daemon_app.erl:7: function start/0 undefined
ERROR: compile failed while processing /private/tmp/rebar_ct_path/apps/daemon: rebar_abort
make: *** [compile] Error 1

This is a result of the line


in apps/daemon/src/daemon_app.erl. If this header were included in a dependency, this line would not fail. I am unsure how to get a similar result from a co-app.