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smallcheck - an exhaustive checker

smallcheck is an exhaustive checker.

In the vein of quickcheck smallcheck is a testing tool which asks that you specify properites of the system under test and automatically generates inputs for testing. Where quickcheck uses random sampling over the domain of inputs smallcheck exhausts the domain, to some 'depth', going from smallest to largest values.

This implementation is based on:

* Runciman, C., Naylor, M., & Lindblad, F. (2008). Smallcheck and lazy smallcheck: automatic exhaustive testing for small values. Acm Sigplan Notices.
* Reich, J. S., Naylor, M., & Runciman, C. (2012). Advances in Lazy SmallCheck. In Implementation and Application of Functional Languages (Vol. 8241, pp. 53–70). Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg.

I listened to so much Brian Eno when writing this library. So. Much.