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Do dependencies really work? #22

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I tried running the module on ubuntu 10.10 and it crashed with an error even though I have 'apache2' installed:

err: Failed to apply catalog: Could not find dependency Package[apache2] for Exec[passenger-install-apache2-module] at /etc/puppet/modules/rvm/manifests/classes/passenger-ubuntu-post.pp:10

Then I placed this line in 'rvm/manifests/classes/dependencies-ubuntu.pp':

if ! defined(Package['apache2'])      { package { 'apache2':      ensure => installed } }

This solved the problem, but I had to do the same thing for a number of other packages. Am I missing something here?

Puppet versions:
server - 2.7.1
client - 2.6.11

Also, it is written that the module was tested on ubuntu 10.04, but I see 'libapr-dev' in dependencies for ubuntu, which isn't even present on that version - libapr1-dev is.

Really, what am I missing? :)

@blt04 blt04 pushed a commit that referenced this issue
Brandon Turner Add missing apache dependency for passenger
Refs #22.

Hi orkaa. I have added the apache2 package for Ubuntu. In the past I required that you include the apache2 package elsewhere in your puppet config, but that doesn't really make sense.

As for libapr-dev -- there is an alias to libapr1-dev (the Ubuntu version) in manifests/classes/passenger-ubuntu-pre.pp.

What other packages did you have to add? The passenger module works for me, but I don't use it as much as the rest of puppet-rvm, so I admit it may be buggy.



adding the apache2 fixed it. About the other errors - they were related to an issue in my code.

Thanks for your help and quick response.

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