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What is it?

This is the source for my ongoing run of awesome happiness-inspiring twitter bots. They are very simple. Listen for someone to say "Good Morning" and then tweet something wonderful to them. That's it. Very easy.

You can also find out more about happiness bot by watching my lightning talk from RubyConf 2011. My talk starts at 21:45. You'll love it!

Where is HAPPINESSBOT on twitter?

Currently, we are on the 7th iteration: @happiness2_u_7

How does it work?

It uses my awesome tweetbot gem to listen for the phrase "Good Morning." Tweetbot gem supports adding a series of reponses that are selected at random. I've chosen a lot of motivating phrases to respond with. I've also set the frequency to 1%. This means that every time "Good Morning" is said on twitter, there is a 1 in 100 chance that happiness bot will say something nice to you. Isn't that nice?

You want to do something like this?

Okay. Feel free to add your own phrases. Please make them nice, though. Nobody likes to have mean things said to them.

Hey, I notice you support French, Spanish and Dutch! Can you support my language?


Now, if you want to send me a pull request for your language, I'll add it. You can be famous for making people happy in your favorite language!