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Homelab setup

ISP-provided Router - Vivo Fibra

Documented Automated Online

  • All in one: 2.5ghz and 5ghz
  • IPv6 and IPv6 Dual Stack
    • /64 prefix provided, but not delegated (couldn't find settings yet)
    • /128 per device according to route table
  • Custom configuration: DHCP settings and IPv6 ULA
    • DHCP settings provide DNS server pointing to [PiHole]
    • There is a hidden /padrao URL which allows you to connect as support and have access to extra settings

Libreelec + PiHole

Documented Automated Online

  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • Libreelec based
  • Connect to TV to watch tv shows and movies
  • 1TB USB3 External Storage
    • SMB shared
  • Docker plugin installed and running:
    • PiHole
    • Syncthing
    • Transmission Web
    • ZeroTier

Bramble (PiCluster)

Documented Automated Status

  • Raspberry Pi 3 + ClusterHat 1.3v + 4 Raspberry Pi W zero (5 Nodes)

  • ARMv7 + ARMv6

  • Plans:

    • Run Hypriot OS with custom scripts to setup ClusterHat shared networking
    • One single ethernet port to share connection between all nodes
    • Consul + Nomad to run Docker containers
    • ZeroTier connection on each to take advantage of NPD emulation
    • GlusterFS to share volume data beween containers
    • Will be automated (as far as possible)
  • Questions

    • When will Habitat ARM support land?
    • Balena instead of Docker?
    • OpenWRT router managing zerotier to avoid setup cost on every node?

Pi 1

Documented Automated Status

  • Raspberry Pi 1 Model B (2011)

  • ARMv5

  • Plans:

    • Most likely an extra node
    • Want to automate docker build images across different ARMs (Could be useful)
  • Questions:

    • Buildkit for ARM?

VM server

Documented Automated Status

  • Old laptop which don't poweroff (something broken on the motherboard)
  • No reliable, but still turns on
  • Proxmox 5.2
  • Docker installed (disregrading wiki recomendation to no do so)
  • Opportunity to experiment with VMs and other OSes
  • Initial setup:
    • pixieboot running as Docker container to ofer PXE boot for VMs on the network
  • Plans:
    • Expose it over ZeroTier to have access to it remotely
    • VMs?
    • Buildkit to automate Docker builds across platforms?

Google Cloud

Algo VPN

Documented Automated Status

  • US based VPN to filter out connections
    • WireGuard and IKEv2
  • Plans:
    • ZeroTier connections
    • HTTP Egress and Ingress for the containers running on Homelab
    • Maybe Docker + Nomad node?

Mobile setup

  • Zerotier on all mobile devices
  • Wireguard on Android
  • IKEv2 on Windows

GL.iNet Slate

  • Wireguard setup
  • Zerotier Layer 2 bridge configured

GL.iNet AR300M

  • Needs: Wireguard setup
  • Needs: Zerotier Layer 2 bridge configured



  • Run:
    • Bouncer
    • Bitlbee
    • ?


  • They need to happen
    • Parkeep?
    • Borg + online block storage?
    • NAS Raid?

Docker Automation

  • Want: Automated ARMv5, ARMv7, arm64 (needs host), x86 and amd64 images
  • Run register + clair


  • Better Router @ Home
    • Configure VLANs
    • Route ZeroTier to avoid manually configuring each node
    • Most likely OpenWRT or Unifi (we can dream)


Documentation and scripts to setup my homelab




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