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function _lein_commands() {
local ret=1 state
_arguments ':subcommand:->subcommand' && ret=0
case $state in
"classpath:Print the classpath of the current project"
"clean:Remove compiled class files and jars from project"
"compile:Compile Clojure source into .class files"
"deploy:Build jar and deploy to remote repository"
"deps:Download :dependencies and put them in :library-path"
"help:Display a list of tasks or help for a given task"
"install:Install current project or download specified project"
"interactive:Enter an interactive task shell. Aliased to 'int'"
"jar:Package up all the project's files into a jar file"
"javac:Compile Java source files"
"new:Create a new project skeleton"
"plugin:Manage user-level plugins"
"pom:Write a pom.xml file to disk for Maven interop"
"repl:Start a repl session either with the current project or standalone"
"retest:Run only the test namespaces which failed last time around"
"run:Run the project's -main function"
"search:Search remote maven repositories for matching jars"
"test:Run the project's tests"
"test!:Run a project's tests after cleaning and fetching dependencies"
"trampoline:Run a task without nesting the project's JVM inside Leiningen's"
"uberjar:Package up the project files and all dependencies into a jar file"
"version:Print version for Leiningen and the current JVM"
_describe -t subcommands 'leiningen subcommands' subcommands && ret=0
return ret
compdef _lein_commands lein
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