A collection of tools I'm using to work with Sass.
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Sass utils

This is collection of tools I'm using to work with Sass. I started this project during "hack day" at Mediaphormedia.

Getting started

You definitely need Sass, so you'll want to install that. If you haven't used Sass before, check out the tutorial and then refer to the documentation.

gem install sass
sass --watch sass:stylesheets

Using the "_grid" partial

Setup the default grid values:

$min_grid_width: 60em;
$max_grid_width: 80em;
$grid_columns: 16;
$grid_col_gutter: 10px;
$baseline_height: 22px;

Include the grid partial in style.scss (or whatever the name of your file is):

@include grid;

Use the grid_container mixin on your root grid element:

#page {
  @include grid_container;

You can define a grid row using the row mixin:

#content_wrapper {
  @include row;

Next define the columns within the row of your grid:

#content_wrapper #content {
  @include col(10);

#content_wrapper #sidebar {
  @include col(6);

Helper bits

If you want elements inside of a column to line up with the gutter of the grid, you can use the box_padding mixin to align them:

@mixin box_padding($top_bottom: 0, $left_right: 0) {
  padding: $top_bottom $left_right;

Use the $grid_col_gutter variable you defined in the defaults so you only have to change it once:

h1 {
  @include box_padding(0, $grid_col_gutter);