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This repository has been created for completing the requirements of the Security Tube Linux Assembly Expert Certification 32-bit.

Student ID: SLAE-744

Assignment 1 details:

Write a TCP bind shell (configurable PORT)

Assignment 2 details:

Write a Reverse TCP shell (configurable IP and PORT)

Assignment 3 details

Study Egg Hunter shellcode

Create working demo of Egg Hunter

Should be configurable for different payloads

Assignment 4 details

Create a custom encoding scheme like the "Insertion Encoder"

PoC with using execve-stack as the shellcode to encode with your schema and execute

Assignment 5 details

Take up at least 3 shellcode samples created using MSFpayload (MSFVenom) for Linux/x86

Use GDB/NDISASM, Libemu to dissect the functionality of the shellcode

present your analysis

Assignment 6 details

Take up 3 shellcodes from Shell-storm and create polymorphic versions of them to beat pattern matching

The polymorphic versions cannot be larger than 150% of the existing shellcode

Bonus points for making it shorter in length than original

Assignment 7 details

Create a custom crypter like the one shown in the "crypters" video

Free to use any existing encryption scheme

Can use any programming language

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