A convincing gibberish speaker
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Mumbley - A gibberish generator
Copyright Brandon Lucia 2011

Mumbley is a gibberish generator based on a first-order markov model of phoenetics.  

THe model is derived from a text-only version of 1M sentences from the release version of wikipedia.

I used the phoeneticization tool at http://www.foreignword.com/dictionary/truespel/transpel.htm to
convert the wikipedia text to phoenetics.  I then wrote a parser based on the website's phoenetic tokens,
and built a model that determines, given a letter, what the distribution of likely next letters is.

Mumbley.pl -- converts text to phoenetics.  Requires WWW::Mechanize (easily installed from CPAN).

MumbleyModel.pl -- creates a MumbleyMarkovModel.  If you have a phoeneticized document (like one produced by Mumbley.pl), you can feed it in here, and it will dump a markov model of the phoenetics.  Requires HOP::Lexer (also easily installable on CPAN).

MumbleyMumbler.pl -- takes a model as input (on the command line) and dumps syllables of likely english to stdout.

Model -- this is a model that I've built from wikipedia text.  The source text isn't included because I don't know if it's kosher to include all of wikipedia in a public project.


TO GENERATE PHOENETICIZED TEXT (from a document in plaintext format):
cat document.txt | ./Mumbley.pl > phoeneticized

TO GENERATE A NEW MODEL (from the phoeneticized text in the file phoeneticized)
./MumbleyModel': cat phoeneticized | lynx -width=80 -stdin -dump -hiddenlinks=ignore -nolist | sed -e 's/_//g' | sed -e 's/[(),.\/0-9"-:]//g' | ./MumbleyModel.pl > Model

TO MAKE YOUR COMPUTER SPOUT GIBBERISH:(using a model in the file called Model):
./MumbleyMumbler.pl ./Model | xargs say [[inpt PHON]]  -v whisper