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Mahalo - Mac Audio Hardware Abstraction Layer for OSX
Brandon Lucia - 2011
This is a simple library for building low-level audio projects on
Mac OSX. Included are two demonstrative uses of this software
NoiserTest.cpp shows C one-liner style composition, a la
WaveTest.cpp shows how to write sine wave generators and a
mixer that pushes samples to the audio hardware.
The idea is to have a flexible, low-level, abstract way
to access the audio hardware on a mac. CoreAudio is big and
complicated, so this prevents you from having to think about it
if all you want to do is something little and experimental.
Wave.* defines sine wave generators.
Noiser.* defines C one-liner generators
Mahalo.* is the actual abstraction layer that calls into CoreAudio
SampleSource.h is the interface for a sampleSource, which is what Mahalo gets data from
SampleMixer.* is a mixer that can take any number of SampleSources, mix them, and emit the mixed sample.
tones.h is a big file containing #defines for a big list of piano key tones (if you want concordant stuff).
Mixers can put data into mixers, so you can implement polyphony with disjoint sets of waves
being mixed by independent mixers which then are mixed themselves before being sent to