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Bludit v3.11.0 "Pizza time"

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  • Ident subpages in the UI on the static tab.
  • Enable API after user login success and returns authentication token, feature for external applications. Refer to this commit, 142159a
  • Include category name on JSON method from a page object.
  • API, get and edit functions for settings.
  • Allow download backups, thanks @anaggh
  • Show Disk usage on Simple stats plugin, thanks @anaggh
  • Show Disk usage on the page About from Admin area.
  • Update Chartist.js 0.11.0 -> 0.11.4
  • Function to deactivate all plugin. f0e9bc6
  • Improve dateModified() method. b510c59
  • Updated Traditional Chinese language thanks @ethan42411
  • Updated Russian language thanks @hide-me
  • Updated Turkish language thanks @ali-demirtas
  • Updated Japanese language thanks @CaiMiao
  • Updated Dutch language thanks @ltGuillaume
  • Updated Portugues language thanks @JustJoao
  • Improve search plugin and add support for UTF8 to Fuzz algorithm
  • Add social network
  • Updated TinyMCE plugin 5.1.3
  • Updated Select2 library 4.0.12
  • Updated Parsedown library 1.7.4
  • Updated Bootstrap library 4.4.1
  • Updated EasyMDE plugin 2.9.0
  • Update jstz library to detect the timezone in the installation

Bug fixes

  • Invalid HTML code for favicons #1099
  • Fix for Japanese language folders
  • Fix #808 Remove special characters/spaces early to prevent overwrite
  • Fix #1051 Bug - Media Manager Pagination thanks @anaggh
  • Security bug fixed #1131
  • Refresh profile picture after upload a new one
  • Fix for #1102, show search input on small devices