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@dignajar dignajar released this Feb 23, 2019 · 60 commits to master since this release



  • Media manager, alert when the file type is not supported
  • Media manager, alert max file size allowed by PHP
  • Media manager, handle bad response from AJAX
  • Included X-Powered-By: Bludit header
  • Included <meta name="generator" content="Bludit"> in default themes (BlogX and Alternative)
  • Included JavaScript function to use Bludit without an HTML Editor, only the textarea
  • Allow TinyMCE to include JavaScript code, for embed codes such as Google Maps, YouTube, Tweets, etc
  • Add lastBuildDate to RSS feed xml, thanks @ltGuillaume
  • API, new endpoint /api/tags for get all the tags in the system
  • API, new endpoint /api/tags/<key> for get information about the tag and the pages related to the tag
  • API, improvements in the endpoint /api/pages, now you can filter the page list by published, draft, static, scheduled, untagged


  • API, bad request returns HTTP code 400 instead of 404
  • Changed editor element from <div> to <textarea>. Thanks @anaggh
  • Bug fix, media manager and progress bar
  • Bug fix, CSS fix for switch selector for publish or draft. #962
  • Bug fix, plugin Robots use comma for separate tags. Thanks @ltGuillaume
  • Bug fix, wrong name in function reindexTags(). #965 Thanks @inet-cologne
  • Bug fix, function paginator::bootstrap_html(). #961
  • Bug fix, impossible to save my Mastodon nickname. #959
  • Bug fix, different dates for the pages created by Bludit installer
  • AJAX request and response improvements
  • Dutch language updated thanks @ltGuillaume
  • German language updated thanks @clickwork-git and @MoritzBrueckner
  • Russian language updated thanks @hide-me
  • Turkish language updated thanks @ali-demirtas


  • Removed file bl-kernel/block.class.php
  • Removed file bl-kernel/blocks.class.php
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