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Bludit Password Recovery Tool
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Bludit Password Recovery Tool

This tool allow you to recover the password for the admin user.

How to recover the password

  1. Download the file recovery.php.
  2. Upload to your Bludit installation, on the root folder.
  3. Open the file with your browser, for example:, change the for your domain.
  4. A new password for the admin is generated and displayed on the browser.
  5. Log in to the admin panel with the user admin and the new password generated.
  6. Delete the file recovery.php from your Bludit

[ADVANCED] How to recover the password via the command line

You can execute the php file recovery.php via the command line.

# Go to the directory where you have installed Bludit
cd /var/html/bludit

# Download the file
curl -o recovery.php

# Execute the tool
php recovery.php
Bludit Password Recovery Tool

Username: admin
New password: 80b4092c27471576fbff4fd645328b91

>> Delete this file now, do not keep it on the system <<
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