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BlueButton.js Build Status

BlueButton.js helps developers parse and generate complex health data formats like C-CDA with ease, so you can empower patients with access to their health records. Try the demo.

Status: not under active development

The library is no longer under active development (extending generation / parsing capabilities, etc.). The existing feature set is fairly stable, but if you want to parse or generate additional data elements, you will likely have to fork + extend the library. If you make a pull request, I can review it and try to integrate it into the main library, and if you find a bug and provide details, including a sample file to reproduce, I may be able to help fix it.

See also and – forks which have diverged significantly but are under more active development.

Quick Start

BlueButton.js supports a few different health data types, like C32 and CCDA. To parse a health document, pass the source data to BlueButton:

var myRecord = BlueButton(xml);

BlueButton.js will detect the document type and choose the appropriate parser. The returned object has the following properties:

myRecord.type    // The document type
myRecord.source  // The parsed source data with added querying methods    // The final parsed document data

Detailed Documentation

View the documentation for an explanation of the data sections, much more detailed sample code, instructions on how to generate a build, etc.