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#pragma once
#include <cpp_odbc/statement.h>
#include <turbodbc/parameter.h>
#include <turbodbc/configuration.h>
#include <vector>
namespace turbodbc {
* @brief This class manages a set of parameters that is bound to a
* statement. The class tracks the number of transferred records
* and manages parameter buffers.
class bound_parameter_set {
bound_parameter_set(cpp_odbc::statement const & statement,
turbodbc::configuration const & configuration);
* @brief Retrieve the number of buffered sets, i.e, the size
* of the parameter buffers in rows
std::size_t buffered_sets() const;
* @brief Retrieve the number of already transferred sets based on
* success indicators retrieved by the database.
std::size_t transferred_sets() const;
* @brief Retrieve the number of parameters in this set
std::size_t number_of_parameters() const;
* @brief Retrieve access to the managed parameters
std::vector<std::shared_ptr<parameter>> const & get_parameters();
* @brief Execute the current prepared statement with a batch
* of parameters. The statement will not be executed
* if no parameter sets are available.
* @param sets_in_batch The number of parameter sets in the batch.
void execute_batch(std::size_t sets_in_batch);
* @brief Replace the current parameter bound for a given index with a
* new one based on the provided type information. The current
* parameter will be dropped.
* @param zero_based_parameter_index Index of the column. First column has index 0.
* @param parameter_description Describes the parameter type
void rebind(std::size_t zero_based_parameter_index, std::unique_ptr<description const> parameter_description);
* @brief Retrieve type codes of the initially bound parameter types.
* Useful for reverting to the original suggestion after rebinding.
* @return
std::vector<type_code> const & get_initial_parameter_types() const;
cpp_odbc::statement const & statement_;
std::size_t buffered_sets_;
std::size_t transferred_sets_;
SQLULEN confirmed_last_batch_;
std::vector<std::shared_ptr<parameter>> parameters_;
std::vector<type_code> initial_parameter_types_;