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BlueBar Beacon SDK, ProximitySense SDK, support code and code samples for iOS. Copyright 2014 Blue Sense Networks


  1. Make sure you have CocoaPods installed on your Mac;
  2. Run "pod install" in a terminal from within the project folder of a specific app you want to build in order to update all project dependencies;
  3. Open the corresponding ".xcworkspace" file in Xcode instead of the .xcodeproj file, in order to use the prebuilt configurations by CocoaPods;


The SDK folder contains the following projects:

  • BlueBarSDK - SDK for BlueBar beacons detection, configuration and calibration;
  • BlueBar Configuration Utility app - allows for easy integration into existing systems or easy rebranding as your own configuration app
  • ProximitySenseSDK - SDK to integrate with ProximitySense, the proximity services cloud platform by Blue Sense Networks;


The best way to use the SDKs is to use CocoaPods.

To use the BlueBarSDK include the following line into your Podfile

pod 'BlueBarSDK'

For ProximitySenseSDK include the following line into your Podfile

pod 'ProximitySenseSDK'


The Samples folder contains several small projects illustrating different aspects of using iBeacon, the BlueBar Beacon, the BlueBarSDK and the ProximitySenseSDK;

  1. BlueBar iBeacon Demo app - A simple app to display an offer banner when coming in Immediate proximity of a BlueBar iBeacon. Features:
  • Demonstrates simple use of iOS CoreLocation ranging functionality;
  • Does simple filtering on sightings to limit the effect of “bad” values, reported by iOS

Known limitations:

  • Takes into account only the closest beacon it detects;
  1. BlueBar Beacon Locator - an app that demonstrates simple ranging functionality for the factory default BlueBar Beacon UUID;

  2. Virtual iBeacon - an app that demostrates how to make an iOS device broadcast as iBeacon;

  3. ProximitySense Campaign Demo - app that demonstrates integration with ProximitySenseSDK in order to run proximity campaigns powered by ProximitySense in a 3rd party app.