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InterMapper command-line probe that checks SSL Certificate expiration (com.blueberryhillsoftware.check_ssl_cert.txt)
This InterMapper probe is licensed as:
Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)
You are free to:
Share - copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format
Adapt - remix, transform, and build upon the material
for any purpose, even commercially.
This probe may be used by anyone at no cost, as long as you follow the license terms.
Copyright (c) 2014, Blueberry Hill Software
The check_ssl_cert Nagios plugin that this probe relies on is licensed under the GPL.
Read the source code of the probe for more details. You can download the check_ssl_cert
plugin from:
type = "cmd-line"
package = "com.blueberryhillsoftware"
probe_name = "check_ssl_cert"
human_name = "Check SSL Certificate"
version = "1.0"
address_type = "IP"
port_number = "443"
display_name = "Servers-Standard/HTTP & HTTPS/Check SSL Certificate"
poll_interval = "21600"
flags = "NAGIOS3"
\BG\Check SSL Certificate for expiration\p\
Check an SSL Certificate on a web server and verify that its expiration date is sufficiently far away.
The thresholds of \i\Warning\p\ and \i\Critical\p\ specify the number of days before the device gives warning and critical alerts. The defaults are 30 and 10 days, respectively.
The \i\Additional\p\ pararmeter can be used to add more options to the test.
This probe invokes the \u4=\Nagios check_ssl_cert plugin\p0\ to verify the SSL Certificate. See the check_ssl_cert plugin's page for more details.
\i\Note:\p\ This probe executes a /bin/sh script, and only works on a Unix/Linux/OS X server. There is not currently a version that runs on a Windows server. Contact the author if you would be interested in a Windows version.
\i\Note:\p\ The default polling interval for this probe is six hours - the checks don't need to happen very often.
\u4=\Check for updates\p0\ to this probe.
Warning = "30"
Critical = "10"
Additional = "-A"
-- Empty path forces the InterMapper Settings:Tools directory
arg = "-H ${devicename} -p ${Port} -w ${Warning} -c ${Critical} -t 15 ${Additional} "
-- These are the exit codes used by Nagios plugins
\B5\Check SSL Certificate\P0\ \u4=\[?]\p0\ \u4=https://$devicename:$port\Go to the server\p0\
Critical Threshold: ${critical} \i3g\days\pm0\
Warning Threshold: ${warning} \i3g\days\pm0\