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loot bug #6

kennumen opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Not all corpses are looted. This is more obvious with quest loots (if some bots have finished the quest, it only requires one bot not to loot to be obvious), but can happen with any mob.

New-ai, right before skillbot merge (ok, I guess we could use a versioning system - too bad git doesn't autoincrement):

Easy steps to reproduce bug:

  • 5 man blood elf team (mine was 3x pala - tank, support tank, healer + mage - support healer + hunter - me). Level 1-6 should be fine. ".modify speed 2" on yourself or party should help gather the mobs without dying.
  • Go southwest, hug the mountain on the right until you see the circle with the flowing water in the middle. Here are 20ish easily aggrod trees. Just run the outside of the circle until you've got all of them. Kill them. Wait for bots to finish looting. About 20% should remain unlooted.

Best guess - loot corpse table gets deleted somewhere in the middle, at random per bot. Just a feeling, but the healer felt particularly susceptible to this issue.

  • Oh, and a manual 'get' command does lead to looting.

I have seen situations where corpses have been left unlooted. The reason for this are unclear.
o bots may have been distracted by further combat and as you say the loot table then gets cleared.
o ownership of loot. If you kill a member of the mob without help from bots they will not try to loot your booty.
I haven't tried reproducing the issue as you suggest yet, but I will and post my findings.


Solid ideas, but...

  • In my tests, there was no further combat. All nearby mobs had just been killed. Although there is the possibility that the bots misinterpret the info, believe combat is over (after e.g. 4 of 10 mobs), re-engage clearing the loot table. But if they clear the loot table I hope it's not by design - looting should be postponed, not cancelled. Of course individual loot entries could be analyzed and found to no longer be valid (too far, looted, ...)
  • I was in a party. Even without any interaction by them (which is possible) the corpse should be lootable by party.

I think I have a solution to this issue.

I managed to reproduce the looting issue in Westfall where there are several 'mobs' available to attack. Frequently corpses were left with money and needed quest items in. I traced the cause to some code that had been added as a anti-cheat.

 if (!wo || GetMaster()->GetDistance(wo) > float(m_mgr->m_confCollectDistanceMax))
     m_lootCurrent = ObjectGuid();

The assumption with the above code is that the player will also attack along with the party of bots. If the player (GetMaster()) is too far from the corpse, it will not be looted.Once I commented out this code, all corpses were looted as expected.

I will be pushing a fix shortly.

Hope this helps


Tested, still some issues with looting but I don't believe it actually relates to any looting code - looks more like bot(s) are paused. Consider this issue closed.

@kennumen kennumen closed this
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