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Welcome to the portal wiki!


First merge the playerbot code into your Mangos code or for easiest install just get the playerbot portal code. Follow the install instructions of Mangos in building mangos, building ScriptDev2, extracting map data, installing SQL data (DB, SD2, ACID), etc. In the folder "/sql/playerbotai" you'll find the SQL data for playerbot (install on the "characters" database) and in "/src/game/playerbot" you'll find "playerbot.conf.dist.in" to copy to your Mangos home directory and rename to "playerbot.conf" and edit to your preference.


Playerbot currently works by adding other characters on your account as bots. So before you get started, be sure to create 1-9 alts. To use more than 9 (if you e.g. wanted a 25 man raid) you would need a mod - if it exists - or several accounts with up to 9 alts each. Most common usage I would imagine is you with 4 bots for 5man instances.

.add bot1
.remove bot1

Bring your bot into this world and log it off.

/p help
/p help command

Ask your bots to explain what they can do for you. Help lists all commands while "help command" lists subcommands for that command. E.g. "help orders" will list "orders delay" info among other things.

etc, etc.

Instancing Tips & Tricks:

The pull command, as it stands (2013-06-25) is not yet (fully) functional. So how do you keep your warrior from storming into a 9man pull and wiping the party time and again?

  1. Make sure your roles are set! A healer, a tank and DPS set to assist either the tank or the healer.
  2. Set everyone's combat delay to 8: "/p orders delay 8" - Remember you did this and undo it after the instance! "/p orders delay 0"
  3. Set the tank's combat delay to 3: "/w Tanky orders delay 3" - You want it to attack (way) before the others to build up aggro, but you want to give it a few seconds for a melee mob to run towards you and away from its buddies
  4. Tell everyone to attack "/p attack" so they'll obey the combat delay and immediately pull the mob you want pulled using a ranged attack. This might be difficult for paladins with a max ranged attack of 20yards (not sure at which level), everyone else should have a 30yds or more attack be it with wand, spell, bow, throwing knife, ...
  5. Profit!