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The Searchable Knowledge-Graph Application
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Search and filter nexus data via elastic search

This is a webapp and server that queries an elastic search index of Nexus to filter and search data in a way more useful to some users than using the Knowledge Graph.


The server uses a dotenv file for configuration.

Copy envs\dev.env.example and rename to envs\dev.env. Change the ENV vars as needed. They will be injected to the app at launch, as long as NODE_ENV=development . Importantly, make sure the Elastic Search variables are configured, or the server will just deliver errors.

The client-side index.html document will be transpiled with the ENV vars in the dotenv file as well. Make sure the BASE_URI is configured, which will be used to create the log-in and api urls. You can see how these urls are built by following the code under src/store/reducers/config.js.

to launch the client and server in tandem: npm run dev


You can build the docker files from the project.json npm scripts. npm run build-docker:server npm run build-docker:client

make sure to edit the docker files under the docker folder to configure the previously-mentioned ENV vars, so that the service and client will speak to each other.

Getting involved

Issue tracking is centralized into the main Blue Brain Nexus repository.

There are several channels provided to address different issues:

  • Feature request: If there is a feature you would like to see in this application, please first consult the list of open feature requests. In case there isn't already one, please open a feature request describing your feature with as much detail as possible.
  • Bug report: If you have found a bug, please create an issue here.
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