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Nexus Web is the interface of Blue Brain Nexus
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Nexus Web

Transform your data into a fully searchable linked-data graph

Nexus Web is the interface of Blue Brain Nexus, the open-source knowledge graph for data-driven science.


Install dependencies:

npm i

To start the Nexus in development mode, run:

npm run start

Lint code:

npm run lint

Run unit tests:

npm test

Build for production

Compile app in dist/ folder.

npm run build

You can run the app with:

node dist/server.js

Build a Docker image

docker build . --tag=nexus-web

ENV variables list

  • BASE_PATH: The base of the app: i.e. /staging/web if hosted on (default is /)
  • HOST_NAME: name of host where application is available from: i.e. (default is protocol + host where server is running from)
  • CLIENT_ID: The application name used for OpenID Connect authentication (default is nexus-web)
  • API_ENDPOINT: The URL pointing to Nexus API. Default is '/'
  • SECURE: Is nexus web running in https or not. Default is false

Getting involved

Issue tracking is centralized into the main Blue Brain Nexus repository.

There are several channels provided to address different issues:

  • Feature request: If there is a feature you would like to see in this application, please first consult the list of open feature requests. In case there isn't already one, please open a feature request describing your feature with as much detail as possible.
  • Bug report: If you have found a bug, please create an issue here.
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