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@kraifpatrik kraifpatrik released this 08 Dec 09:08

This release mainly adds possibility to define shaders used by a material in individual render passes, which in combination with render queues enables creating advanced rendering pipelines.



Core module:

  • Added new macro BBMOD_RGBM_VALUE_MAX, which defines the maximum value which a single color channel can have before it is converted to RGBM.
  • Added new struct BBMOD_Color, which supports HDR colors.
  • Added new struct BBMOD_BaseShader, which does not define any uniforms specific to BBMOD and it is now the base class for shader resource wrappers.
  • Struct BBMOD_Shader now inherits from BBMOD_BaseShader.
  • Added new enum of render passes BBMOD_ERenderPass.
  • Deprecated macros BBMOD_RENDER_DEFERRED, BBMOD_RENDER_FORWARD and BBMOD_RENDER_SHADOWS. Use appropriate members of BBMOD_ERenderPass instead, as these macros will be removed in a future release.
  • Removed property Shader of BBMOD_Material.
  • Added new methods set_shader, has_shader, get_shader and remove_shader to BBMOD_Material, using which you can define shaders used by the material in specific render passes.
  • Method BBMOD_Material.apply now returns true or false based on whether the material was applied (instead of always returning self).
  • Method BBMOD_Material.submit_queue does no longer automatically clear the queue.
  • Added new method BBMOD_Material.clear_queue, which clears the material's render queue.
  • New BBMOD_Materials no longer use the checkerboard texture as the default. The texture is still used by BBMOD_MATERIAL_DEFAULT* materials.
  • Function bbmod_get_materials now accepts an optional render pass argument, using which you can retrieve only materials that have a shader for a specific render pass.
  • Added new interface BBMOD_IRenderTarget, which is an interface for structs that can be set as a render target.
  • Added new methods Set and SetIndex to BBMOD_Vec2, BBMOD_Vec3 and BBMOD_Vec4 using which you can change the vector components in-place.
  • Moved bbmod_set_camera_position, global.bbmod_camera_exposure, global.bbmod_camera_position from the PBR module to the Core module to resolve dependency issues.
  • Added new function bbmod_get_calling_function_name, using which you can retrieve the name of the function that calls it.
  • Added new function bbmod_class_get_name, using which you can retrieve class names of structs inheriting from BBMOD_Class.
  • Added new macro BBMOD_CLASS_GENERATED_BODY, which now must always be the first line in structs inheriting from BBMOD_Class.
  • Added new method BBMOD_Class.is_instance, using which you can test if an instance of BBMOD_Class inherits from a specific class.

Importer module:

  • Fixed import of OBJ model that included empty lines.

Rendering module:

  • Added new module - Rendering.

Cubemap submodule:

  • Added new submodule - Cubemap.
  • Added new struct BBMOD_Cubemap, using which you can easily render scenes into a cubemap.

PBR submodule:

  • PBR is now a submodule of the Rendering module.
  • Parameter _shader in the constructor of BBMOD_PBRMaterial is now optional.
  • Method BBMOD_PBRMaterial.set_emissive now accepts BBMOD_Color as an argument. The variant with 3 arguments (one for each color channel) is kept for backwards compatibility, but it should not be used anymore, as it will be removed in a future release!

Renderer submodule:

  • Renderer is now a submodule of the Rendering module.