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@kraifpatrik kraifpatrik released this 03 Sep 14:19

This release adds a new Save module, using which you can easily define serializable properties of objects and save and load instances to and from buffers.



Core module:

  • Added new enum BBMOD_EPropertyType, which is an enumeration of all types of serializable properties.
  • Added new struct BBMOD_Property, which is a descriptor of a serializable property.

Gizmo module:

  • Properties KeyNextEditType and KeyNextEditSpace of BBMOD_Gizmo can now be undefined.

Save module:

  • Added new module - Save.
  • Added new function bbmod_object_add_property, using which you can add a serializable property to an object.
  • Added functions bbmod_object_add_bool, bbmod_object_add_color, bbmod_object_add_gmfont, bbmod_object_add_gmobject, bbmod_object_add_gmpath, bbmod_object_add_gmroom, bbmod_object_add_gmscript, bbmod_object_add_gmshader, bbmod_object_add_gmsound, bbmod_object_add_gmsprite, bbmod_object_add_gmtileset, bbmod_object_add_gmtimeline, bbmod_object_add_matrix, bbmod_object_add_path, bbmod_object_add_quaternion, bbmod_object_add_real, bbmod_object_add_real_array, bbmod_object_add_string, bbmod_object_add_vec2, bbmod_object_add_vec3 and bbmod_object_add_vec4, which are shorthands for bbmod_object_add_property.
  • Added function bbmod_object_get_property_map, using which you can retrieve a map of all serializable properties of an object.
  • Added function bbmod_object_get_property_array, using which you can retrieve an array of all serializable properties of an object.
  • Added function bbmod_instance_to_buffer, using which you can serialize an instance into a buffer.
  • Added function bbmod_instance_from_buffer, using which you can deserialize an instance from a buffer.
  • Added function bbmod_save_instances_to_buffer, using which you can save all instances of an object into a buffer.
  • Added function bbmod_load_instances_from_buffer, using which you can load saved instances from a buffer.