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@kraifpatrik kraifpatrik released this 02 Feb 19:44

This release mainly fixes specular reflections and the size of the gizmo when using an orthographic projection. Additionally, resources can now be marked as persistent and a new clear method was added to the resource manager, which frees all non-persistent resources.


  • Added new property Height to BBMOD_BaseCamera, which is the height of the orthographic projection. If undefined, then it is computed from Width using AspectRatio. Defaults to undefined.
  • Property Width of BBMOD_BaseCamera can now be undefined. It is then computed from Height using AspectRatio.
  • Fixed gizmo changing size based on its distance from the camera when using an orthographic projection.
  • Fixed specular reflections when using an orthographic projection.
  • Added new property Persistent to BBMOD_Resource. If it is true, then the resource is persistent and it is not destroyed when method free is used. Default value is false.
  • Added new method clear to BBMOD_ResourceManager, which destroys all non-persistent resources.
  • Added new macro BBMOD_RESOURCE_MANAGER, which is the default resource manager.