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@kraifpatrik kraifpatrik released this 16 May 17:32

This release of BBMOD mainly brings features useful for level editors. There is a new Gizmo module and the renderer now supports mouse-picking of instances and gizmos, as well as highlight of selected instances. Models and animation files now also have a minor version - this allows us to include additional data into the files, without requiring you to reconvert all your assets. Additionally, the camera now supports 360° vertical rotation and roll from side to side. All shader code was cleaned up utilizing the latest features of Xpanda.




  • Further fixes of variable and argument types in docs.
  • Removed all API previously marked as deprecated or obsolete!

Core module:

  • Macro BBMOD_VERSION is now obsolete.
  • Added new properties VersionMajor and VersionMinor to structs BBMOD_Model and BBMOD_Animation.
  • Property Version of structs BBMOD_Model and BBMOD_Animation is now obsolete.
  • Added new property Model to BBMOD_Mesh.
  • Added new optional _model parameter to BBMOD_Mesh's constructor.
  • Added new properties BboxMin and BboxMax to BBMOD_Mesh, which are the minimum and maximum coordinates of the mesh's bounding box. This is supported ony for model version 3.1!
  • Added new function bbmod_set_instance_id.
  • Added optional argument _instances to method submit of BBMOD_RenderQueue, using which you can submit only meshes with given instance IDs.
  • Added new property ShadowmapBias to BBMOD_DefaultMaterial, using which you can control a range over which a material smoothly transitions into a full shadow. This is useful for example for volumetric objects.
  • Added new property BaseOpacityMultiplier to BBMOD_BaseMaterial, which is a color multiplier of BaseOpacity.
  • Fixed method Mul of BBMOD_Matrix.
  • Method destroy of BBMOD_Class now returns undefined.

Camera module:

  • Added new property Roll to BBMOD_Camera, using which you can control camera's rotation from side to side.
  • Added new properties DirectionUpMin and DirectionUpMax to BBMOD_Camera, using which you can control the minimum and maximum values of Direction. These are set to -89 and 89 respectively, same as was the hard limit before. To remove the limit, use set these to undefined.
  • Property Up of BBMOD_Camera is now obsolete, please use the get_up method instead to retrieve a camera's up vector.

Gizmo module:

  • Added new module - Gizmo.
  • Added new struct BBMOD_Gizmo.
  • Added new macros BBMOD_SHADER_INSTANCE_ID and BBMOD_SHADER_INSTANCE_ID_ANIMATED, which are shaders used when rendering instance IDs.
  • Added new enum BBMOD_EEditAxis, which is an enumeration of edit axes.
  • Added new enum BBMOD_EEditType, which is an enumeration of edit types.

Rendering module:

Renderer submodule:

  • Added an optional argument _clearQueues to BBMOD_Renderer.render, using which you can disable clearing render queues at the end of the method.
  • Added new property RenderInstanceIDs to BBMOD_Renderer. When set to true, then the renderer renders instance IDs into an off-screen surface.
  • Added new method get_instance_id to BBMOD_Renderer, using which you can pick an instance ID at given position on the screen.
  • Added new property InstanceHighlightColor, which is the outline color of selected instances.
  • Added new property Gizmo to BBMOD_Renderer, using which you can add a gizmo to a renderer. This enables its automatic rendering and highlight of its selected instances.
  • Added new method select_gizmo to BBMOD_Renderer, using which you can pick a gizmo at given position on the screen.