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@kraifpatrik kraifpatrik released this 03 Jun 15:12

This release mainly adds support for image-based lights to the default shaders and support for ambient, directional light and shadows, point lights and fog to PBR shaders.




  • Removed all API previously marked as deprecated or obsolete! Please make sure you are not using any of it before upgrading your project to this version.

Core module:

  • Moved method set_ibl from BBMOD_PBRShader to BBMOD_BaseShader.
  • Moved property MaxPointLights and methods set_ambient_light, set_directional_light, set_point_lights and set_fog from BBMOD_DefaultShader to BBMOD_BaseShader.
  • Moved property ShadowmapBias from BBMOD_DefaultMaterial to BBMOD_BaseMaterial.

Camera module:

  • Added screen_point_to_vec3 to BBMOD_Camera, using which you can convert a position on the screen into a world-space direction.

Gizmo module:

  • Fixed dragging gizmo when renderer isn't the same size as the window.

Importer module:

  • Added new property ConvertYToZUp to BBMOD_OBJImporter, using which you can switch Y and Z axes of imported models.
  • Added new property InvertWinding to BBMOD_OBJImporter, using which you can invert vertex winding order of imported models.

Rendering module:

Renderer submodule:

  • Fixed unselecting instances when clicking outside of the renderer.

Terrain module:

  • Fixed passing property TextureRepeat to shaders when using BBMOD_Terrain.submit.