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Integration of Ideum's GestureWorks with Bluecadet's Cinder View
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GestureWorks plugin for Cinder-BluecadetViews block.


  • Integrates GestureWorks gesture handling with BluecadetViews
  • Supports optional GML
  • Supports use of BluecadetView multitouch simulation (using CTRL and Shift while moving/dragging the mouse cursor)
  • Extendable GestureHandler class that binds views to gestures
  • Flexible ManipulateGestureHandler class that supports dragging, scaling and rotating views using the nmanipulate gesture provided in the sample GML file
  • Supports multiple gesture handlers per view
  • Supports multiple gesture handlers that use the same gestures (e.g. two handlers that both use ndrag)
  • Gesture handlers can be added and removed dynamically while preserving remaining active gesture handlers


  • Required header
  • Trial static libs and dynamic libs for MSW x64/x86 (TinderBox projects are hardcoded to x64 due to limited platform support in TinderBox)
  • Sample GML with nmanipulate gesture to drag, scale and rotate


This block only includes the trial libraries for GestureWorks will require a GestureWorks license for production.


// configure gestures in setup()
fs::path gmlPath = getAssetPath("bluecadet_gestures.gml");

// add gesture handlers to views (handlers are not self-retaining, so they have to be stored somewhere to remain in memory and active)
myHandler = make_shared<ManipulateGestureHandler>(myView);
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