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The bcdmanpiclient module allows you to interact with the BlueCats API using Python.

Getting Started

This section will outline how to clone the repo and install the bcdmanpiclient module.


  • python (2.7)
  • pip (for python 2.7)


Navigate to your base directory and run the following.

git clone
cd bluecats-python-dman-api-client
pip install .

Once you install the module, you will need to give the API credentials.

Obtaining Credentials

To obtain those credentials:

  1. Go to the BlueCats Web App
  2. Go to the app tab then "Create a new app"
  3. Give a name to your app.
  4. Select the platform: API Client
  5. Once you create your app, click "Show App Token/Secret"
  6. Click "Reset Client Secret"
  7. Write down the Client Id and Client Secret

Add your client id and client secret as strings in the file "client_config.json" found in your examples configs folder. For example:

"client_id": "{client_id}",
"client_secret": "{client_secret}"


Save that file and now you are ready to run the module.

To see an example of using bcdmanapiclient, go to the examples folder. In your favorite python interpreter run the script "" or run this command in your terminal.

cd examples 

This is a very simple example to show you how to use the BlueCats API. If you have any questions email:

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