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This tool will allow Forensic Investigators retrieve saved data from Google Chrome such as saved passwords and usernames, searches, history, and autofill data
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ChromeThief.rar 32 and 64 Bit Executable Included Jun 30, 2016 Update Aug 7, 2017 Update Jun 17, 2016

Chrome Thief v2

#This tool works only in Windows, but I plan to port it for Linux and OSX..coming soon.. #This tool will allow Forensic Investigators retrieve data from Google Chrome and store it on USB in an organized and quick manner. #Tool currently extracts: Saved usernames, passwords, and site ID(URL of saved login details). ChromeTheif also grabs history, google searched keywords that were typed into google search engine, and autofill contents.

#Download the binary and save it on your USB or local machine. Enter your USB drive into your PC and run the tool. #BE SURE CHROME IS NOT RUNNING OR TOOL WILL HANG #Enter your USB Drive Letter with a colon and press enter. For example G: #This tool will create a folder on your USB called Chrome Dump and the files will be saved there. #If a ChromeDump folder already exists in the location where you are saving it, it will throw an error. Should be updating that soon. #Please reach me for issues and or ideas to help you further #Python source code is listed if you wish to compile it using Pyinstaller #I have uploaded compiled EXE using pyinstaller which you can save to USB

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