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Backbone Live Models and Collections

These two Backbone mixins aim to make working with Pusher even easier. It keeps your Models and Collections always up-to-date by capturing Pusher events from the server. It also adheres to the "convention over configuration" mentality, and prescribes the event names you should use with your Pusher events to reduce the amount of code needed.

If you don't want to use Pusher, it fails back to using polling.

Whatever method you choose, you can use these Mixins to keep your data always up-to-date.


	// simply extend the LiveCollection object instead of the standard Backbone Collection
	var MessageList = Backbone.LiveCollection.extend({
		model : Message,
		url : "/messages"

    // or you can use the mixin pattern
    var MessageList = new Backbone.Collection.extend({});
    var messageList = new MessageList();
    _.extend(messageList, Backbone.LiveCollection.prototype);

	// or if you just have a Model, extend LiveModel
	Message = Backbone.LiveModel.extend({
		urlRoot : "/messages"

	// create a Pusher object
	var pusher = Pusher("<api key>");

    // make the collection "live" with the pusher object, your chosen channel, and an eventType that
    // will bind all possible events{pusher: pusher, channelName: myChannel, eventType: "message"});

    // or turn it off

    // That's it!!  
    // Your LiveCollection will always be in sync with the server with only 1 line of extra code!

    // To trigger an event from the server, use code like
    Pusher["132472"].trigger("add_message", @message.to_json)

    // which will be handled automatically in the LiveCollection code, and in turn trigger your event code
    this.collection.on("add", this.addNewMessage, this);

    // here's the code inside the LiveCollection, it uses convention over configuration to bind
    // to the 4 possible events for a collection, "add", "remove", "update", and "reset"
    // On the server, you should use this same naming configuration.
    // From the example above, it would be an event of "add_message" or "remove_message" 
	this.pusherChannel.bind("add_" + this.eventType, function(model) {

	this.pusherChannel.bind("remove_" + this.eventType, function(model) {

	this.pusherChannel.bind("update_" + this.eventType, function(model) {

    this.pusherChannel.bind("reset_" + this.eventType, function(models) {