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README.rst - Build Web Applications on top of the pyramid framework.

Detailed Documentation

The detailed documentation is available here.

Source Code

The sources are in a GIT DVCS with its main branches at github.



  • Robert Niederreiter <rnix [at] squarewave [dot] at>
  • Jens Klein <jens [at] bluedynamics [dot] com>
  • Georg Gogo. BERNHARD <gogo [at] bluedynamics [dot] com>



  • Add property head_additional to table tile. Supposed to be used for hooking additional markup to table header. [rnix, 2012-05-03]
  • Fix bug in navtree when displaying children of node with hide_if_default property set. [rnix, 2012-04-26]
  • Consider default_child property in UP action and action scope. [rnix, 2012-04-24]
  • Include yafowil.widget.image. [rnix, 2012-04-21]
  • Improve ajax form rendering. [rnix, 2012-04-19]
  • Ajaxify settings tabs. [rnix, 2012-04-19]
  • Add resizeable plugin to jQuery UI custom built. [rnix, 2012-03-27]


  • Resources also can originate at a remote server. [rnix, 2012-03-21]


  • Better table and batch templates and styles. Table now supports slice size selection and filtering. [rnix, 2012-03-19]
  • Fix default sort and order request parameters for table batch. [rnix, 2012-03-16]
  • Cleanup self contained buidlout. [rnix, 2012-02-29]
  • Remove [rnix, 2012-02-29]
  • Adopt YAFOWIL addon registration to YAFOWIL 1.3 [rnix, 2012-02-29]
  • Use node.ext.ugm.interfaces.Users.id_for_login contract for remembering User id instead of login name in authentication cookie. [rnix, 2012-01-18]
  • Dynamic width CSS [rnix, 2011-12-18]
  • Extend UI actions by selected property. [rnix, 2011-12-16]
  • Add [rnix, 2011-12-07]
  • Add [rnix, 2011-12-07]
  • Add [rnix, 2011-12-07]
  • Use as dependency for node beeing referencable. [rnix, 2011-12-02]
  • Add browser.actions. [rnix, 2011-12-01]
  • Update jQuery (1.6.4) and jQuery Tools (1.2.6). [rnix, 2011-11-30]
  • Add copy support. [rnix, 2011-11-30]
  • Single UGM implementation. [rnix, 2011-11-21]
  • Add PrincipalACL part and sharing tile. [rnix, 2011-11-21]
  • Refactor contextmenu, can now be extended. [rnix, 2011-11-19]
  • Add margin top for sidebar and content. [rnix, 2011-11-18]
  • contextmenu tile considers action_up_tile property now. [rnix, 2011-11-17]
  • Add bda.calendar.base as install dependency for timezone aware datetime handling. [rnix, 2011-11-16]
  • Show error message at attempt to add reference with missing UID. [rnix, 2011-11-16]
  • Add yafowil.widget.array to dependencies. [rnix]


  • Initial work
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