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Node-based users and groups
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User and group management

node.ext.ugm provides an API for node based managing of users and groups.

See node.ext.ugm.interfaces for a description of the API.

A file based default implementation can be found at node.ext.ugm.file.

Base objects for writing UGM implementations can be found at node.ext.ugm._api.

For more information on nodes see node package.

For more information on plumbing see plumber package.


Summary of the test coverage report:

lines   cov%   module
   18   100%   node.ext.ugm.__init__
   96   100%   node.ext.ugm._api
  500    99%   node.ext.ugm.file
   41   100%   node.ext.ugm.interfaces
   16   100%   node.ext.ugm.tests


  • Robert Niederreiter <rnix [at] squarewave [dot] at>
  • Florian Friesdorf <flo [at] chaoflow [dot] net>


0.9.9 (unreleased)

  • No changes yet.


  • Fix bug where non related principal data has been overwritten when adding principal on partial loaded ugm tree. [rnix, 2015-04-12]
  • Also delete user and group corresponding data if user or group is deleted. [rnix, 2015-04-11]
  • Fix node.ext.ugm.file.UsersBehavior.passwd behavior. [rnix, 2015-04-11]


  • Create user and group data directories recursiv if not exists. [rnix, 2014-12-02]


  • Encode plain passwd for comparing with hash. [rnix, 2014-09-10]


  • Use plumbing decorator instead of plumber metaclass. [rnix, 2014-08-01]


  • Use better password hashing for file based default UGM implementation. Warning - all existing passwords in user table do not work any longer and must be reset. [rnix, 2014-06-13]


  • Rename parts to behaviors. [rnix, 2012-07-29]
  • adopt to node 0.9.8. [rnix, 2012-07-29]
  • Adopt to plumber 1.2. [rnix, 2012-07-29]
  • Add User.group_ids. [rnix, 2012-07-26]


  • Remove outdated stuff. [rnix, 2012-05-18]
  • Use zope.interface.implementer instead of zope.interface.implements. [rnix, 2012-05-18]


  • add Users.id_for_login. [rnix, 2012-01-18]
  • Implement search function for file based UGM as described in interface. [rnix, 2011-11-22]
  • Adopt application startup hook for cone.ugm only setting auth implementation if explicitely defined. [rnix, 2011-11-21]


  • make it work [rnix, chaoflow]
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