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node.ext.zodb is a persistent node implemenatation for the ZODB.

With node a unified robust tree structure can be build and with this package this structures can be persistet easily.

It provides two implementation types:

  • node.ext.zodb.ZODBNode based on persistent.dict.PersistentDict,
  • node.ext.zodb.OOBTNode based on BTrees.OOBTree.OOBTree.


First a open DB connection is needed. This may be a naked ZODB install or in an context of Pyramid or Zope2/ Plone or where ever it makes sense for you.

Once the DB root object or any other contained persistent object is available adding nodes is as simple as so:

>>> from node.ext.zodb import ZODBNode
>>> root['person'] = ZODBNode()
>>> root['person'].attrs['name'] = "Willi"
>>> root['person']['home'] = ZODBNode()
>>> root['person']['home'].attrs['address'] = "Innsbruck, Austria"
>>> root['person']['work'] = ZODBNode()
>>> root['person']['work'].attrs['address'] = "Hall in Tirol, Austria"

Once the transaction is committed al changes are persistent.

For more information on node and its usage please refer to the node documentation.

Source Code

The sources are in a GIT DVCS with its main branches at github.

We'd be happy to see many forks and pull-requests to make it even better.


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