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@rnixx rnixx authored
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48 README.rst
@@ -136,94 +136,94 @@ Behaviors
``node`` package provides several plumbing behaviors:
Plumbing part providing default ``__init__`` function on node.
See ``node.interfaces.IDefaultInit``.
Plumbing part to Fill in gaps for full INode API.
See ``node.interfaces.INodify``.
Plumbing part that provides adoption of children.
See ``node.interfaces.IAdopt``.
Plumbing part for child node validation.
See ``node.interfaces.INodeChildValidate``.
Plumbing part to ensure unicode for keys and string values.
See ``node.interfaces.IUnicodeAware``.
Plumbing part that provides aliasing of child keys.
See ``node.interfaces.IAlias``.
Plumbing part to get node as IAttributeAccess implementation.
See ``node.interfaces.IAsAttrAccess``.
Plumbing part providing child factories which are invoked at
``__getitem__`` if object by key is not present at plumbing endpoint yet.
See ``node.interfaces.IChildFactory``.
Plumbing part that initializes a fixed dictionary as children.
See ``node.interfaces.IFixedChildren``.
Plumbing part for child access via ``__getattr__``, given the attribute
name is unused.
See ``node.interfaces.IGetattrChildren``.
Plumbing part for providing nodespaces on node.
See ``node.interfaces.INodespaces``.
Plumbing part to provide attributes on node.
Requires ``node.behaviors.Nodespaces`` part.
See ``node.interfaces.IAttributes``.
Plumbing part taking care of lifecycle events.
See ``node.interfaces.ILifecycle``.
Plumbing part for handling ifecycle events at attributes manipulation.
See ``node.interfaces.IAttributesLifecycle``.
Plumbing part for node invalidation.
See ``node.interfaces.Invalidate``.
Plumbing part for caching.
See ``node.interfaces.ICache``.
Plumbing part for ordering support.
See ``node.interfaces.IOrder``.
Plumbing part providing a uuid on nodes.
See ``node.interfaces.IUUIDAware``.
Plumbing part holding an index of all nodes contained in the tree.
See ``node.interfaces.IReference``.
Provide abstract storage access.
See ``node.interfaces.IStorage``.
Provide dictionary storage.
See ``node.interfaces.IStorage``.
Provide ordered dictionary storage.
See ``node.interfaces.IStorage``.
@@ -286,8 +286,8 @@ Changes
- Python 2.7 compatibility.
[rnix, 2012-10-15]
2 
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
from setuptools import setup, find_packages
import os
-version = '0.9.9dev'
+version = '0.9.9'
shortdesc = "Building data structures as node trees"
longdesc = open(os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), 'README.rst')).read()
longdesc += open(os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), 'LICENSE.rst')).read()
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