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souper.plone integrates souper with Plone

souper.plone addresses developers with the need to solve the problem to store tiny entities of mass-data, where heavy weight Archetypes or Dexterity are too much effort and are to slow. I.e if you need a queryable container for non-CMSish content, like votes, data from a poll, orders in a webshop, measuring data, or alike.

A Soup-container can be moved to an own ZODB mount-point and may be shared across multiple independent Plone instances!

A control-panel provides actions to rebuild, reindex and move Soups around.


souper.plone offers some convinience for Plone Add-On developers. It provides a storage locator working like so:

A souper.soup is looked up by id and needs a context. This context is some Aquisition aware obejct in the plone site. It is used to acquire it's parent until ISoupRoot is found (which is by default the site root). At the soup root the id maps to a path where the soup is actually stored as an annotation. This all happens fully transparent. So to get the soup one need to do just do:

>>> from souper.soup import get_soup
>>> soup = get_soup(context, 'my_soup_id')
>>> soup
<souper.soup.Soup at 0x...>

If no soup was found for given id, a new one is created and annotated by default to the ISoupRoot.

It is important provide a CatalogFactory. Consult the souper.plone documentation to learn how. Over there its also documented how to add records, query and maintain them.

For convinience souper.plone installs a control-panel where one can reindex and rebuild distinct soups.

Source Code

The sources are in a GIT DVCS with its main branches at github.

We'd be happy to see many forks and pull-requests to make souper even better.

Maintainers are Jens Klein, Robert Niederreiter and the BlueDynamics Alliance developer team. We appreciate any contribution and if a release is needed to be done on pypi, please just contact one of us dev@bluedynamics dot com


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