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Yet Another Form Widget Library (Python, Web)
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Yet Another Form WIdget Library.

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YAFOWIL offers html-form creation and modification at runtime. It is light-weight and provides an extensible, reusable set of blueprints to build flexible forms.

YAFOWIL is independent from any web-framework, but easy to use in your web-framework.

It's all just about rendering widgets and extracting the data returned from the browser per widget. It does not fight with storage.

YAFOWIL vary from most other HTML form packages: Its all just configuration. No subclassing needed any more; no specific schema-framework is necessary.

Yafowil provides a factory where you can fetch your widgets instances from. Or you register your own.

Detailed Documentation

If you're interested to dig deeper: i The detailed YAFOWIL documentation is available. Read it and learn how to create your example application with YAFOWIL forms in 15 minutes.

Source Code Coverage

The sources are in a GIT DVCS with its main branches at github.

We'd be happy to see many forks and pull-requests to make YAFOWIL even better.


  • Jens W. Klein <jk [at] kleinundpartner [dot] at>
  • Robert Niederrreiter <rnix [at] squarewavea [dot] t>
  • Johannes Raggam <johannes [at] raggam [dot] co [dot] at>
  • Peter Holzer <peter [dot] holzer [at] agitator [dot] com>
  • Attila Olah
  • Christian Scholz aka MrTopf (initial discussion)
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