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  • fixed bug in factory returned wrong renderes on call of display_renderers [jensens, 2012-10-09]
  • renamed plans to macros. [rnix, jensens]
  • custom chains can be passed as dictionary to the factory. [rnix, 2012-09-28]
  • introduce display_proxy property for mode display. [rnix, 2012-08-08]
  • add generic tag blueprint. [rnix, 2012-08-08]
  • adopt to plumber 1.2. [rnix, 2012-07-29]
  • adopt to node 0.9.8. [rnix, 2012-07-29]
  • pep8ify [jensens, 2012-06-08]
  • make TBSupplement compatible with both: `zExceptions` and `zope.exceptions`. Major change: html output is no longer default and the kwarg of getInfo is now `as_html` (was `html`). Also added blueprints to the supplement as info to make it easier to identify the form part. [jensens, 2012-06-07]


  • Check with 'if not value' instead of 'if value is None' in generic_display_renderer. [thet, 2012-05-23]
  • Add a title attribute to the label blueprint. [thet, 2012-05-02]
  • Fix file extractor. [rnix, 2012-04-21]
  • Avoid rendering of value attribute in file blueprint. [rnix, 2012-04-21]


  • Label property can be callable. [rnix, 2012-02-19]


  • Loading resources is done more explicit and in a pluggable way using entry-points. Thus yafowil extensions such as widgets can define an entry point. [jensens, 2012-02-14]
  • Add size attribute for select edit renderer. [jensens, 2012-01-20]
  • fix number extractor [jensens, 2012-01-20]
  • Add default css class for select blueprint. [rnix, 2011-12-18]
  • Register number blueprint display renderer. [rnix, 2011-12-18]
  • Consider expression in submit blueprint renderer. [rnix, 2011-12-18]
  • checked attribute can be set explicitly in checkbox blueprint. [rnix, 2011-11-21]
  • Fix Bug in yafowil.common.select_edit_renderer. Crashed with empty vocabularies. [rnix, 2011-11-16]
  • Add lines blueprint. Renders a textarea and extracts lines as list. [rnix, 2011-11-11]
  • Added concept of plans to the factory, which is a named set of blueprints. Plans are registered to the factory and can be addressed with the # sign. [jensens, 2011-09-29]
  • td blueprint can be used as compound or part of leaf widget now. [rnix, 2011-09-28]
  • Accept value property on compounds. [rnix, 2011-09-27]
  • Make data.extracted available as odict with values of children on compounds. [rnix, 2011-09-27]
  • Pass blueprints and custom arguments to Widget constructor in factory for debugging and duplication purposes. [rnix, 2011-09-26]
  • Rename yafowil.base.Widget._properties to [rnix, 2011-09-26]
  • Add div blueprint. Renders within '<div>' element. Can be used for compound and leaf widgets. [rnix, 2011-09-23]


  • naming makes a difference between blueprints and widgets [jensens, 2011-09-20]
  • fix traceback test [rnix, 2011-09-15]


  • traceback supplement now with html support. test for html part is missing for now. [jensens, 2011-09-01]


  • traceback supplement is now better formatted. [jensens, 2011-08-30]


  • Bugfix: mode display did eat up all previous renderings. This made error widget fail in display mode to show the value. Fixed: empty_display_renderer proxies now all previous rendered. [jensens, 2011-08-11]


  • Extend select widget for better UI control of selections and multi selections [rnix, 2011-08-05]
  • Plumb to widget node [rnix, 2011-07-28]
  • define label and field renderer as display renderer as well [rnix, 2011-07-25]
  • deprecate use of mode widget [rnix, 2011-07-08]
  • now mode is a central element: each Widget instance has a mode now: edit, display or skip. edit is default and works as usal. Display renders the new display_renderer chain. Skip just renders an empty Unicode string. [jensens, 2011-07-07]


  • clean up html5 handling, we believe in novalidate now... [jensens, 2011-06-11]
  • add disabled attribute for select widget. [jensens, 2011-06-01]
  • add novalidate property for form [rnix, 2011-05-23]
  • return empty string in mode renderer if value is UNSET [rnix, 2011-05-23]


  • test coverage [rnix, 2011-05-07]
  • add widget value validation checking 'multivalued' property against 'value' length. [rnix, 2011-05-07]
  • remove outdated _value. user fetch_value instead. [rnix, 2011-05-07]
  • add optional for property for label widget. [rnix, 2011-04-23]
  • select extractor - fix required behavior [rnix, 2011-04-19]
  • compound renderer - consider 'structural' property on widget node [rnix, 2011-04-19]
  • number extractor - return val if UNSET [rnix, 2011-04-14]
  • textarea renderer - check value against None and render empty string instead [rnix, 2011-04-14]


  • Add html5type property for email widget [rnix, 2011-03-16]


  • Add html5required property [rnix, 2011-03-16]


  • adopt to node 0.9 [rnix]
  • documentation [jensens, rnix]


  • made it work [jensens, rnix, et al, 2010-12-27]
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