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A simple snake style game written purely in javascript, for fun.
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snake js is a simple snake-style game written purely in javascript, for fun. It's not intended to be perfectly cross-browser compatible, though reasonable attempt will be made to do so. This is mostly a personal project to get my head around working with javascript more.

Game Screenshot

For ease of development and testing, I've bundled it with a gemfile containing jekyll so people can get it running in a browser quickly.

View Demo


Make sure you have a working version of Ruby installed, with the Bundler gem.

Clone snakejs and navigate to the folder:

git clone
cd snakejs

Install dependencies (Jekyll) using bundler:

$ bundle install

After Jekyll is installed run:

$ jekyll serve

snakejs should be available at http://localhost:4000


A few things can be changed to modify snakejs


Config at the top of snake.scss contains variables to modify sizes and colours.

Use $tile-size to set the size of a tile.

$game-width and $game-height will then multiply with $tile-size to produce the grid.

Eg. $tile-size: 10px; and $game-width: 50;, $game-height: 50;, will produce a 500px x 500px grid with 10px x 10px tiles.

// Game
$tile-size: 12px; // Default 12px
$game-width: 45; // Default 45
$game-height: 45; // Default 45

Colours should be fairly self explanatory.

// Colours
$blue: #0076E3;
$food: #CE0049;
$snake: green;

Game Variables

Set the initial snake length, and game speed with these at the top of snake.js

var startLength = 6; // Starting snake length
var gameSpeed = 60; // Set the game movement speed in milliseconds
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