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BlueGreen Labs

BlueGreen open science labs & consulting, providing environmental research infrastructure and editorial solutions.

The BlueGreen labs open science resources provide free tools to manage and access environmental data. Projects consist of formal research lines, software and hardware implementations through which BlueGreen tries to give back to the open source scientific community. Below you find a short list with links to our most popular projects.

Accessing data 📂

  • MODISTools - extract point based MODIS data -
  • ecmwfr - ECMWF data on the climate data store (CDS) including ERA5 fields -
  • daymetr - high resolution climatology DAYMET data for CONUS -
  • snotelr - SNOTEL snow coverage data -
  • hwsdr - download global soil properties data -
  • amerifluxr - access Ameriflux data programmatically (with Housen Chu)
  • Google Earth Engine subsets - python package to extract point based time series from GEE

Vegetation modelling 🌳

(near-surface) Remote sensing 🌍

Movement ecology 🐦

  • igrf - calculate the international geomagnetic reference field -
  • skylight - a simple sky illuminance model -
  • geoloctools - pre-process geolocation tracking data

Teaching (workflows) 📚

To stay up to date please follow Koen Hufkens at or

Popular repositories

  1. ecmwfr Public

    Interface to the public ECMWF API Web Services

    R 83 21

  2. Interface a raspberry pi with the Ricoh Theta S for time lapse spheres

    Shell 48 13

  3. Google Earth Engine subset script & library

    Python 47 30

  4. phenor Public

    A phenology modelling framework in R

    R 36 22

  5. Spectral response curves for the raspberry pi cameras

    HTML 33 3

  6. daymetr Public

    An R Interface to the Daymet Web Services

    R 21 15



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