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Game lobby server for Antistatic
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Lobby coordination server for Antistatic, the uncompromising platform fighter by bluehexagons.

Based on gomoose (

Basic use

By default, running antistatic-server will run on port 80 without enabling HTTPS.

Run with antistatic-server -help to view all command line options.

By default, HTTPS support looks for cert.key and cert.crt in the working directory. Use -cert path and -key path to specify custom locations. Specifying a port using -tlsport will implicitly enable TLS.


  • antistatic-server -tls -cert /etc/tls/server.crt -key /etc/tls/server.key will specify custom crt/key locations.
  • antistatic-server -tls -nohttp will disable HTTP, only providing HTTPS.
  • antistatic-server -port 8080 specifies port to listen on.

Quick command to generate a certificate using OpenSSL: openssl req -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -keyout cert.key -x509 -days 36525 -out cert.crt

Client setup

Antistatic checks config.server for URL to query.

Set this using the config command; e.g. config server \"\" (quotes must be escaped until strings are better supported).

Can also modify the value by editing the asconfig JSON file (e.g. nano ~/asconfig from the in-game terminal, or sifting through the fs.json save game file) and adding/changing the server property there.


A simple go build will build the project, as it includes no external dependencies. Built on go1.12.

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